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Nova Scotia


I'm Farming and I Grow It (Parody Song)

About the video:

Paraody Video on Farming

Publications, Articles & Media Releases

Rustic Magazine Profile


Rustic Magazine recently profiled our farm as part of their feature on Farmer's Markets in Nova Scotia.

12 Days of Bluenose Christmas


Recently we were in the Halifax Chronicle Herald when they featured our Alpaca socks as part of the 12 Bluenose Days of Christmas Feature.

Youtube Videos


While this is not ours it is a modern promotion of farming

Farming and I Grow It!

Shearing Day


The Halifax Chronicle Herald came out for shearing day in 2012.

Read the story by Bill Spurr

Nova Scotia Open Farm Day


Open houses at alpaca farms can be busy events and September 20, 2009 was no exception at Rocaro Alpacas.

Download Link: Download Open_Farm_Day_001.pdf

The Weekly Press


A windy trip up the Georgefield Road will take you to a log house with a smoking chimney, a small barn at the foot of a rolling green hill, and green pastures welcoming you into the only Alpaca farm in East Hants.

Download Link: Download A_wooly_farm_for_East_Hants.doc

International Flair


Visitors from around the world volunteer at Rocaro Alpacas.

Download Link: Download International_Flair.pdf

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